Welcome to Highbourne IT & Web Solutions Limited.

Our core services include IT Support Services, Online Backups, Disaster Recovery, VoIP Phone Systems, Virus and Ransomware Protection and Website Administration. 

As a specialist consultancy company in the field of IT, Highbourne IT & Web Solutions Ltd offers support services to its clients ranging from, IT support for staff, network system support, contract maintenance, equipment sales, etc.

Partnered with KeepItSafe, ESET, Heimdal Security and Voyager Highbourne IT & Web Solutions provide simple cost effective solutions for the following:

As a Website Administrator, Highbourne IT and Web Solutions supplies and maintains websites.  We are responsible for the upkeep of websites by performing the daily tasks that are required to maintain a website. We also perform website enhancements and manage website content. Website administrators build web pages and fix bugs. We can also assist users who have issues with their existing websites.


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